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Nor All Thy Tears: Journey to Big Sky

Now available in Kindle & Nook formats

Love, Obsession, treachery, murder, and finally solace under the northern lights of Big Prairie Sky Country, Saskatchewan

Sheldon Cartwright is a young, exceptionally handsome and gifted politician with a beautiful wife and two charming children. His career is also in ascendance, and given all that the sky seems the only limit to this talented, blue-eyed lad.

However, Cartwright also has a hidden past that one day bursts onto the front page of a tabloid newspaper with the publication of his nude photograph. Moreover, the inside story alleges that he was once a high-end male prostitute with a romantic connection to an ex-con whose body has been found mutilated beyond recognition in a burned-out apartment—the suspected victim of a blackmail attempt gone wrong.

Enter a homophobic cop who is willing to go to any lengths to tie Cartwright into the crime, simply because he is young, handsome and well-educated. With his career in a crisis, and his personal life as well, Cartwright is unexpectedly joined by an ally in Colin Scrubbs, a ruggedly handsome rancher from Saskatchewan. But can they salvage Cartwright’s career from the brink?

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Two Irish Lads

*Now available in Kindle & Nook formats

Sean and Patrick McConaghy are two young cousins who set sail from their native Ireland, in 1820, and after a long and eventful passage across the Atlantic Ocean they tackle the mighty St. Lawrence River with a band of rugged Voyageurs.

Eventually settling in the wilderness of Upper Canada, they begin to carve a homestead when love blossoms between them. This, too, is a voyage of discovery at a time when same-sex relationships were subject to humiliation and death. More…

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Coming Soon

Coming of Age on the Trail (Part One)

Presenting the revised cover for my forthcoming novel: ComiNG of Age on the Trail - PART ONE.

Presenting the revised cover for my forthcoming novel: ComiNG of Age on the Trail – PART ONE.

LOOSELY based on a 1,500-mile cattle drive from Hanceville, British Columbia, to Canada’s remote Yukon Territory, this fictional adaptation pits 17-year-old Cory Twilingate against the almost insurmountable 19th-century wilderness in order to save his father’s cash-strapped ranch. Accompanying him on this perilous adventure is ranch foreman, “Reb” Coltrane, a ruggedly handsome cowboy from down Texas way, and together they form a bond that is both rugged and enduring.

Woven into this epic tale, as well, is an ancient Indian legend that prophesies the reincarnation of two star-crossed lovers, cruelly separated by their warring tribes in a time when spirits ruled the land, but who have been promised a reunion by the Great Spirit himself.

Also Lurking in the background is an assortment of treacherous villains intent on doing them harm. These include a homophobic killer, and a vengeful rancher who has threatened the destruction of both Cory and his father.

This is a story of a young boy’s sudden catapult into manhood, and of the man who stood by him all the way, but can their devotion overcome the combined forces of man and nature?

Anticipated release, spring 2014.

(PART TWO is scheduled to follow in the fall of 2014.)

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