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Third You Die (Kevin Connor Mysteries #3) by Scott Sherman

A good read: currently on sale at one of the major online retailers.




three you die - coverFinally settling down with his hunky cop boyfriend, former callboy Kevin Connor is giving up the “oldest profession” for a new career: producing his mom’s TV talk show, “Sophie’s Voice.” But when their latest guest–gay porn sensation Brent Havens–ends up floating in the East River after vowing to blow the lid off the adult film industry, Kevin returns to the world of high-stakes sex to find out: Who killed the twink who had everything?

Was it the X-rated director who exploited his star–for his own desires? The bartender boyfriend who hustled more than just cocktails? Or the eye-candy co-star who left the sweet actor for a sugar daddy?

Either way, Kevin is zooming in on one twisted plot with no shortage of drama queens. But is he ready for his close-up. . .with a killer?

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Review by Gerry Burnie

Unbeknownst to myself, I settled on the 3rd in the three-part series, Third You Die (Kevin Connor Mysteries #3) by Scott Sherman. It stands alone quite well, however, but in reading the reviews of others I think it would be best if you read the series in sequence.

The blurb pretty well synopsizes the story, and not having reads books 1 and 2 of the series, I will focus on what I like and didn’t like about the story.

The plot line is good, nicely set up, and – except for the ending – it is quite well paced. It starts out as a domestic scene; Keven, the main character, has retired from his call-boy profession, and is now producing his mother’s television show. In turn, this sets up a murder connection when one of the guests is found murdered, and the rest is a who-done-it with Kevin trying to track done the killer.

The character are well drawn, both main and supporting characters, but in the relationship with Tony (Keven’s cop boyfriend) Kevin comes off as a bit of a wimp – which is not good for the main character.

The mystery I thought was quite well done, but it could have been tightened in places to make it more fast-paced.

On the other hand, the ending could have used some build up. It, as others have observed, came out of the blue.

Altogether a fairly good read. Presently on sale at amazon. Four bees.


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