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Christmasing With You by William Neale

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Perfect for curling up with a Baillie’s in hand…


Click on cover to purchase. also available in Kindle format.

Click on cover to purchase. also available in Kindle format.

Story blurb: Andrew Bastion lost his partner to a violent and senseless criminal act. Devastated and all alone, he questioned how he would ever get through his first Christmas season without the husband he so loved. But when Drew’s best friend convinces him to “find people who need help and help them,” he finally begins to focus on something other than his own grief. And to his great surprise, he meets the one man with the ability to help heal his broken heart. Christmasing With You is a shamelessly heartwarming, upbeat holiday story that will require tissues, smiles, a box of good chocolates, and the willingness to believe that Christmas miracles really happen.

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Review by Gerry Burnie

Christmas is a time for warm, fuzzy feelings, morality tales, and schmaltz – at least that’s how it appears to me. I went looking early for a representative Christmas tale, and after reading and rejecting several I finally settled on this little chestnut. Crhistmasing With You by William Neale [MLR Press, LLC, November, 2011] is a written-to-please story that neither rises to the heights nor sinks below the surface.

Andrew Bastion is a corporate lawyer who loses his partner in a tragic manner, and is now faced with spending Christmas alone with nothing but his memories to keep him company.

A good and wise friend suggests he find solace in helping others who are likewise afflicted, and this leads to a meeting with a ‘Nordic god-type,’ soup-kitchen operator, who is incidentally being sued by a pair of unscrupulous shysters.

Needless to say, Andrew puts them to route in white knight fashion, and that pretty much leads to a happy-ever-after ending.

Okay, the storyline is a bit corny, but it’s just perfect for curling up with sore feet from shopping, and a Baillie’s in hand, to just veg in the never-never-land of fantasy fiction. Three and one-half bees.


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