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In Their Own Words: Canadian stories of valour and bravery from Afghanistan. 2001-2007 (Free download)

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In Their Own Words: Canadian stories of valour and bravery from Afghanistan. 2001-2007, edited by Craig Leslie Mantle, CPO2 Paul Pellerin (Ret’d), Tom Douglas, Justin Wright & Mélanie Denis [Canadian Defence Academy Press, 2013], vividly presents the personal accounts of twenty-three Canadian soldiers who have been recognized with some of the nation’s highest honours for their courageous actions in Afghanistan between 2001 and 2007. This groundbreaking book offers profound insight into the daily challenges faced in the field, the hazards of combat, the trials and rewards of military service, and the “mind of the soldier.” By recounting the circumstances under which he earned his decoration, each recipient, in his own voice, provides a positive example of the many values that the Canadian Forces itself cherishes: duty, loyalty, integrity and courage. Whether engaging the enemy, saving the life of a fellow soldier from certain death or preventing civilian casualties, the experiences recounted within these pages are nothing short of inspiring and deserving of the highest possible respect.

FREE. Download a PDF copy for free at: [Note: the Workspaces page shows only a preview of 50 pages, but when downloaded the full 419 pages are delivered.]

A Canadian Soldier

Do not cry for me,
For I am a Canadian soldier.
Guardian of “The True, North, strong and free”,
Ambassador of the “Red Maple Leaf”.

I know that, what I had of freedom,
All I used or knew,
Is what our father’s
Fought for us long ago.

I did not give
That freedom away or,
Have someone take it away
By force or law.

You hold in your hands
The most precious of gifts.
Freedom to love and express art.
Freedom to be who you want to be.

Freedom is a package deal.
With it comes responsibilities and consequences.
The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.
Do not make our sacrifice, one in vain.

I join God knowing,
I fought for my fellow man’s freedom.
My duty complete,
Yours to carry on in memory.

For now my mother is crying,
And criticism of our mission arises.
Question not, but always remember,
For I am a Canadian soldier.

Sgt. M.J.Watts, November 22, 2010


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