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The Cost of Loving (Unconditional Love #2) by Wade Kelly

A well-written, insightful story that I think you will enjoy on a sunny day.



the cost of loving - coverStory blub: Matt Dixon, a young firefighter, is the golden child of his family, and he never dreamed that coming out would challenge more than the way his church sees him.

For years, Matt has led a double life hoping to avoid ridicule. When a self-righteous pastor’s statements provoke him to defend his recently deceased best friend’s honor and subsequently out himself, he suffers the brutal aftermath of his revelation. Everyone in his life, including his family and his new lover, Darian, must deal with the ramifications as Matt struggles to come to terms with guilt, shame, and his very belief in God.

Darian Weston lost his fiancé when Jamie took his life, and his feelings for Matt added guilt to his burden of grief. Confused and lonely, Darian clings to Matt despite his inner strife. But small-town realities keep intruding, and if Matt and Darian hope to make a life together, they must first take a stand for what they believe in, even if they fear the cost.

Cover art: Enny Kraft

About the author (in his own words): Hi. I’m Wade. I live and write in conservative, small-town America. Here, it’s not always easy to live free and open in one’s beliefs. Nevertheless, I love to write from my own real-life observations and experiences by expressing them through fictional characters and settings. Basically, I write what I feel, I write what I know, and I write what I think others need to hear. And if you think a character sounds like someone you know, think again… All my characters are ME.

Unlike some authors, I have no huge background in writing. I’m not good at punctuation and spelling, and my thoughts often surpass my ability as an author to express them. However, I can’t NOT write. It’s who I am. I hope you are touched by my stories.

When not writing, I am THINKING about writing and probably scribbling notes on old napkins in the car while I play “taxi-driver” for my three kids. I love snakes, and I have a turtle in my bathtub!

Review by Gerry Burnie

As good as The Cost of Loving (Unconditional Love #2) by Wade Kelly [Dreamspinner Press; 1 edition, August 15, 2013] is, I don’t recommend it if you’re already in a funk! Wait for another day. But otherwise it’s a thought-provoking, insightful story, that deals with a range of complex issues, such as deep-seated depression and self-laceration.

When Jamie Miller commits suicide it is like a pebble in a stream; the catalyst for a whole range of unforeseen ramifications. Most affected are his best friend, Matt Dixon, and his fiancé Darian Weston. Matt is a blonde-haired, ‘Fire Jock’ (and closeted gay), but when a holy roller-type preacher maligns Jamie’s character it brings Matt (honourably) out of the closet in his defence.

Darian is somewhat the opposite. He is none too self-confident to begin with, and with Jamie’s death it really knocks the blocks out from beneath him. He then returns to drugs (somewhat old hat) and self-laceration—now there’s something I haven’t encountered before. He also turns to sex, almost as a drug, and Matt is his unwitting supplier.

The good news is that things do come together in the end for a ‘not overly happy ending’ but one that will leave at least some Kleenex in the box.

I really do admire the author for tackling such a dark range of issues, and characters, without much compromising. Writing depressing scenes is not generally relished by most authors, but even toffee requires salt, so the deeper the depression the higher the redemption.

I am also of two minds when it comes to the topic of conservative religions, and holy-roller-type clergy. Religions have never been a friend of the GBLT person, and have, more than any other institution, been responsible for untold their death and humiliation in the past, but I am beginning to wonder if it is becoming a trite issue. Yes, religions are retrogressive, and ‘yes’ most of them are out-dated and hypocritical, but this is not breaking new ground to say so.

BTW, this is not a criticism of this story, just a reader’s observation.

Then, there is my usual plea to ‘lighten up authors.’ For the most part GBLT stories are becoming indistinguishable by their dark composure, so a little humour would be greatly appreciated.

Bottom line, The Cost of Loving (Unconditional Love #2) is a well-written, insightful story that I think you will enjoy on a sunny day. Four and one-half bees.

PS – I couldn’t complete this review without a mention of the Gorgeous cover by Enny Kraft. One of the most evocative I’ve seen.


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  1. Gerry, another great review – I just bought the book due to it. Thanks,

    Comment by Rock Hunter | September 3, 2013 | Reply

    • Thanks, Rock.

      The new novel is coming along nicely, and I haven’t forgotten to sign one of he first copies to you.


      Comment by Gerry B. | September 3, 2013 | Reply

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