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Cruising Through History, by Habu

A better-than-average homoerotic work for those readers who enjoy this genre




Book blurb: Since the beginning of man, the unfolding of history has been dominated by the forces of conquest, seduction, and lust. And the pursuit of man by man, although mostly carried out in whispers and in the shadows, is as ancient and constant as history itself. This is a cruise through history in twenty-two short stories, careening from a brash assault on the gates of a Chinese brothel by an adventuring, demanding West to the shores of Tripoli, from an American Revolutionary War colonel’s tent to the brutal dawn ravishment at Pearl Harbor-and even on to alien visitation into outer space itself. You will discover a fast and furious journey of varied and unique tales where men seek out other men for conquest and pleasure. You will be entertained and heated up to the fantasy and treachery and the triumph and glory of the passion one man can have for another-and the sometimes dire, sometimes fully satisfying consequences, that can have in the pursuit of that passion-down through the ages.

About the author: Habu, a bisexual former supersonic spy jet pilot, intelligence agent, and diplomat, is a mainstream novelist and short story writer under another name in another dimension of his life.

Review by Gerry Burnie

Cruising Through History by Habu [CreateSpace, 2008] is a collection of pseudo-historical vignettes along the lines of Time Well Bent, but without the sophistication. Rather, the emphasis in each of these twenty-two short stories is concentrated around the homoerotic sexual exploits of the various protagonists. Now, there’s nothing wrong with this provided that that is all the reader is looking for, but for those looking for more—or even a little variety—it is regretfully one-dimensional.

The problem with too much erotica, in my opinion, is that once you have read one fuck-session you have pretty well covered them all with minor variations.

Having said that, the author has cleverly provided some variety by changing the settings from ancient China to the Iraq conflict. Moreover, the writing is strong throughout—even great in places—e.g. “Naval Dilemma (Pearl Harbor, World War II)” and “Disintegration (Colonial Rhodesia’s demise)”—and both the historical and cultural detail impressed me as being convincingly authentic.

On balance, therefore, I would say that this is a better-than-average homoerotic work for readers who enjoy this genre. Three and-one-half stars.

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