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The Broken H, by J.L. Langley

The Broken H needs a bit of repair



Publisher’s Blurb: A rocky past that sent Shane fleeing his home and seeking refuge on The Broken H has kept him from the one thing that has always been dear to him. Grayson.

Sheriff Grayson Hunter hasn’t felt like he belonged for a long time. Once he loved The Broken H, his ancestral home, and Shane Cortez with all that he was. Now he tries to stay as far away from the ranch and the man as possible until an accident brings them together.

Gray didn’t count on Shane’s decision to let go of the past…and get a hold of Gray.

Publisher’s note: This book is a male-male love story and contains homoerotic sex acts that may be offensive to some readers.


Review by Gerry Burnie

As a self-proclaimed homoerotic novel—“one-handed reads,” as I refer to them—The Broken H, by J.L. Langley [Loose Id LLC 2007] is better than some. Oh, there are plenty of sex scenes (15 in all, give or take one or two), but journalistically speaking the writing is quite solid, and the author has made an attempt to build a plot between the romps in the sack. Admittedly the plot is a bit short on originality, but the point is that there is one.

Shane Cortez is a runaway with a mysterious past—although we don’t find out what that is until quite late in the story. Nevertheless, he now seems well adjusted as foreman of The Broken H Ranch. The Hunters, a remarkably liberal family—including their gay son, Grayson—have unofficially adopted Shane as a son, and Grayson has fallen lustfully in love with him. It is nonetheless a rocky romance, made more difficult by a teenage bimbo who accuses Shane of knocking her up. Her father, a somewhat stereotypical loudmouthed redneck, then sets out to demand that Shane make an ‘honest woman’ of her.

Meanwhile, he and Grayson are filling page-after-page with “homoerotic sex” at the drop of an elastic band [see the story for an explanation].

If a nice light read without too many challenging plot twists is your forte, then this story is bound to fill the bill.


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