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Texas Surrender by Claire Thompson

An interesting look at BDSM as a topic



When JD Reed shows up at the Circle R horse ranch, Avery Dalton is fully prepared to hate his guts. Tapped by his aunt to help out at the horse ranch, the greenhorn thinks he can just step in and run the show, but Avery’s not having any. JD’s got a line on Avery’s secret, though barely acknowledged, need to be sexually dominated. A loner used to making his own way, Avery’ll be damned before he submits to the arrogant Yankee. JD Reed can never resist a challenge, and Avery Dalton is no exception. Determined to seduce and claim the tattooed, tough guy, JD teases and taunts his prey until he goes too far. In a battle of wills that turns physical, the sexual tension seething just below the surface explodes like a Texas tornado that sweeps them both off their feet.


Review by Gerry Burnie

 This is the second Claire Thompson novel I have read, the first being Polar Reaction, and by comparison I prefer the latter.

Texas Surrender [Romance unbound, 2009) features BDSM as a main theme, and while it is certainly erotic the story is short on depth and imagination. Moreover, I found the characters (all of them) generally lacking in conviction.

Sous-chef JD Reed, living in New York at the opening of the story, encounters a string of misfortune when he is laid-off from his prestigious position. In addition, he discovers his subservient boyfriend is serving another ‘master’ behind JD’s back. Add to this the death of his uncle in Texas, and the scenario is set for his return to country life.

This includes working on his late uncles ranch—although he hasn’t done this sort of work since he was a boy—and assisting the ranch’s only employee, Avery; a closet gay who travels out-of-town to indulge his sexual needs. For JD it means having a bit of fun with this macho stud, and ultimately dominating him.

The plot from there on is rather basic and in places a little contrived. For example, it is difficult to imagine a New York chef mucking out horse stalls—physically, if nothing else. It is equally unimaginable for JD to best Avery in a wrestling mach. Nevertheless, the story is predicated on exploring BDSM as a topic, and two hunky cowboys as a vehicle.

The story is interesting, however, for a look at the not-so-common world of BDSM (for me, anyway); what it means, the rules, the nature, the strength and weakness—even though JD often violates its edicts regarding trust, and Avery seems just a bit too compliant overall.

For those who are looking for something light and sexy it makes a fairly good read.

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